Saturday, October 24, 2009

Field Report

The trip coming back from Missoula was like The Song That Never Ends. Or a rainy, slippery, shiny highway with a top-heavy load. We stopped at Lolo Hot Springs to check the straps on the range. Everything rode fine. BECAUSE WE WERE ONLY GOING 35mph.

But we made it home safe and unrolled.

We set everything all we've got for the restaurant on the back porch to take inventory and gets pics. My mom bought the mixer online (with the money from a quilt she sold that she won at a raffle!), but everything else came from Big Sky Restaurant Supply and we were in way under budget. We rock, my mom told us. We're hoping this will also show the employees how serious we are about doing this. Jim @ Big Sky gave us a great deal.

(The neighbors rode their 4-wheelers over to help try to figure out how to unload the range. We didn't hear any KA-BLAMs and no one rushed in to tell us to call 9-1-1 so they managed to do it, I think.)

We also went to Michael's and found a lot of great materials/ideas that we can incorporate into the ever-evolving decor --rocks, sticks, natural stuff.

Found this cactus planter at Home Depot. It's the inspiration for the basic colors when we change it over to the new restaurant. I want to go desert-y with the colors (tying into a southern Idaho look), but still use local plants/found things, too (sticks, reeds). Cheesy plastic holiday decorations and silk flowers are banished!!

Looking for cowboy pulp /dime-store novel kind of things for the bathrooms. Actual books. Is ebay the best place to look for that kind of thing? Suggestions?

Stopped @ Lochsa Lodge for a restroom break. I want to rent a cabin here sometime.

I met up with a new friend to go down to the island with the pups. I left Mia at home because I didn't think her hips could take it. But Lazlo had fun meeting Maggie and running loose with all the new things to smell and pee on. That fat bastard needs some exercise (so do I since my gym closed/moved).

The weather was perfect.
The leaves are really falling.
Time for a fall portrait!

We're one week from taking over at the restaurant! We have a font and weight chosen for the logo, business cards are next. Thursday we're headed to Clarkston to do grocery shopping. Friday we'll do the food prep for Sunday (aka Our First Day!). Saturday we're doing inventory. Sunday after closing we're trading out the flat top grill for the new range and deep cleaning/organizing. Then we're off to the races.


Chris said...

I bet there are some images on this site, but you might have to dig a little bit. The scans posted are big, but you might be able to track them back to a book or something.

You might also try contacting the guy who runs this site -- he could probably point you in the right direction too.

I have this book, which is awesome, but there are only 8 or 10 full size western images in it, and they aren't the covers but the actual artwork that served as the covers.

April said...

I should have known you'd know!

Chris said...

I live for pulp stuff. Books, stories, images, all of it. I hope you find something!