Saturday, October 3, 2009

Ok, so maybe fall isn't so bad.

This sickness that's been floating around is trying to take me down, so I laid low today. Cleaning our house was about all I could accomplish. That and guzzling Airborne-infused orange juice.

I found a frame for Lauren's photo and hung it under the Pepsi motivational chalkboard. I'm not crazy about the gray mat, I would prefer a white one, but it will do for now. Maybe on our trip to Missoula in the next couple of weeks.

The curtains don't slide well on the conduit curtain rod Keith put up for me, so I decided tie-backs would be better than struggling on my toes to pull the curtains open and closed. And when I opened the curtains I saw this:

On the outside of the house.

This fat girl tries to come visit us when she gets shut out of my parents' house at night. Which is fine, until she wants out at 4 a.m.

The dogs snuggled down on the bed with me for a bit while I read.

We threw another quilt on the bed, this one my grandma made for me. Perfect for fall!

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DH(A HA)PD said...

i love these pics!!! thanks for the linkage. i'd agree - white would be better than grey. i'm sure you'll make it right!