Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Bona Fide Newpaper Girl

I've been working my little eyeballs to the max scrutinizing pages in InDesign for 10+ hours and now I'm back on the computer... WHY?

Because I just had to share photos of my new workspace. I actually remembered to take my camera and then remembered to use it.

It's a quiet office with a lot of plants and I could easily hit the huge plate glass window up front with a ... well, it's close.

A lot of elbow room, too, you can see. (Unlike my last desk where I shared a cube with 3+ other people.) It still needs some Aprilification and I've been thinking how I can listen to music, but with answering the phone, taking walk-in orders, and getting my pages laid out, I don't think I need anymore distractions just yet. So I'll save the music for my lunchtime walks (to fight/prevent Office Ass).

Keith helps keep me sane,
whether he knows it or not.

My first solo week a bit more stressful than I imagined but I'm confident I will soon be rocking the place. They're going to start throwing more graphic design work my way which is encouraging and scary at the same time. Of course there's no talk of a pay raise but I won't get into that because I don't want to get dooced. I'll just be content racking up hours for now. It's strange to be getting a paycheck again--after about 6 weeks without.

Our camping plans have changed---our friends have a solar equipment business and they made their first big sale so they're putting in a day later which means we're not going to see them. So we're going up Thursday a.m. and we'll come home Saturday a.m. Expect lotsa pics on the return. I'm so excited!

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