Thursday, August 14, 2008

Random thoughts

-Keith might be going with the fire camp in a couple days. Which gives me a lot of anxiety because I don't like being apart from him and I worry about catastrophic disasters that are totally illogical, but I can't help it.

-Dad saw Carl tonight and fed her.

-It was too hot to run the stairs at lunch today but I walked a lap around the track instead and then walked back to work- smelly. I ran the stairs on Tuesday and almost collapsed.

-I need to start doing yoga in the mornings. And eating less sweets. Fatty McFattypants.

-I saw a snake go under the greenhouse tonight. A little guy, smaller around than my pinky and about a foot long. No rattle, so we're safe-ish.

-Composting toilets are complicated.

-I like watching the Olympics, but I miss watching movies with Keith.

-Missing Portland at times. Like when I saw this pic of our old 'hood on Flickr.

-Going to my first pow-wow this weekend: Chief Lookingglass Days. One of my HS classmates is a stellar dancer, I've heard, and I'm really interested to see the dancing in person.

-Started making the Fall Real Estate Guide at work and it's kinda fun, for scrappy design work. (Summer version, pdf) Good experience, that's for sure.


Melissa M. said...

The "historical" pink house in Greer is for sell? What makes it historical? I loved that beach below it.

April said...

Historical, maybe, because everyone knows about it...I don't know how old it is... My dad said there was police tape around it for a while a few years back?
It sold already. The beach alone was a super selling point.

evangeline said...

yay pitbulls!

where is keith going? i'm confused...

omg i hate snakes so much. nevermind. not coming to visit you.

you are not fat. only hot.

April said...

it was only a teeeeeny snake, you wuss. (sensory table might fix that)

keith is going to missoula tomorrow with the crew that cooks for forest firefighters... then if they get called out to another fire he could be gone as long as 6 weeks... :(

Grant Wagner said...

Again, another comment on an old page. I wanted to let you know, if you didn't already about this site. The ultimate guide to composting poo, and the best part is that you can get his book for free as a download!