Thursday, August 28, 2008

Pity party, party of one

I've been feeling lousy lately, what with missing my husband and all, overeating, oversleeping and still feeling tired, unmotivated... It's hard to be apart from someone you love, and we're really used to being joined at the hip. It's just lonely. Every day. Talking on the phone is somewhat comforting, but it's not the same. I want to tell him to shut up so I can kiss him. Instead we talk about how tired he is, where he's going next...

And it doesn't get easier.

I don't want it to get easier, anyway.

But it's really hard to feel too self-absorbed about being temporarily separated from my husband when I remember what some other people are going through.

Like my friend Shawn. Shawn is re-living the nightmare of Hurricane Katrina as Gustav heads toward the gulf coast (where her family lives). Three years ago she lost everything. And now she's confronted with that memory in a very real way. Hoping her family is safe. But still feeling scared, and rightly so. UPDATE: Shawn's story about Hurricane Katrina.

Not to mention all of the other people who lost, and were lost, three years ago.

2 Dead Cats 1 Bird 1 Dog Dead, New Orleans

Jennifer Esperanza on flickr has a very compelling set of photos taken just after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. The photo above of the van outside the apartment is from her set.

And then there's Mia. I wonder if she remembers the beginning of her life? She doesn't like the rain, or loud noises, or strangers---all marks left on her from her time spent surviving a massive hurricane. Thankfully, she survived and she was rescued (thanks, ARNO!). But there are going to be a lot of scared, lost animals whenever Gustav does land.


Anonymous said...

Make that a party of two, I miss my hubs too. He's in Portland training for work. Been gone for a week so far. It's 3am and I can't sleep :(


shawn said...

i'm FAMOUS!!!!

i'm sorry you're so sad. before that stupid gustav reared his ugly head i was doin a good job entertaining you though, huh? now i'm just distracted and WAY too much time on my hands for my own sanity. good thing we are going away tomorrow.

hang in there, babes. you can email me, call me, whatever, whenever. i always have my phone. seriously.

much loves and hugs and kisses