Monday, August 25, 2008

Piece by piece

Earlier this week I was checking craigslist, just out of curiosity, to see if there were any wood cook stoves listed in Idaho. In the Pullman page I found a listing for one in Kooskia---just up the river from us! So we went to look at it last night.

And as we pulled up to the house, I told my parents about the "too big/too small" code words Keith and I use if we're looking at something we don't want, for whatever reason.

Fortunately it was just the right size.

Behold, my (our) new wood cook stove. Purchased for only $200!

It has a gimpy hinge on the firebox door (very fixable), and needs stovepipe, and a wrench to turn the grates (fixable), but it's in good shape otherwise. Now I'll just have to learn how to cook using wood heat--probably a bit of trial and error involved with that. And stock up on cast iron pans.

Tonight my dad suggested I should look for a newspaper log roller--I'd never heard of such a thing! And since I have a good supply of newspaper--working at the newspaper and all--this could save us a bunch of money this winter. Checking ebay right now...


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That's great. We were in the Axmen over the weekend, drooling at all the stoves in there. Very cool.