Friday, February 27, 2009

Happy Friday

Siding is mostly done. Except for the corners.
And the end where we have to replace the broken window.

On the corners we're going to make metal pieces to match the rafters to support the corners of the roof. And then cut the siding to fit over the bracing leg... Maybe it will make sense once it's done and there's a photo illustration.

We made a porch light today with a $1 glass lampshade we found at Rockin' Rudy's. (Some sand and then a candle will go in the jar.)

And made a shelf for it that also has a doorknocker underneath.
Not sure about the jar yet. I have an Adams peanut butter jar I think I like better (labelless). Put a bead of silicone around the top of the jar so the shade doesn't slip around.
The door knocker was a wedding gift.

Everyone is enjoying the sunshine.

Tomorrow I think we're working on the deck/porch. (What's the difference?)

And pruning a fruit tree! Amateur hour with sharp cutting implements and only a library book for guidance. How can this not be successful?


dvl said...

i love reading about the progress and teh awesomeness

brett said...

Love the siding. Well done. Looking forward to seeing the garden.

Arika said...

I wish we were having that nice of weather down here.

Shelouise said...

So inspiring. You will feel pride and satisfaction from this forever. LOVE the pit bullmation in the sun ;D