Sunday, February 22, 2009

Too much, too soon

I can barely lift my arms to get dressed, let alone wash my hair. I feel like I've been beaten with baseball bats embedded with nails. And it's from yoga.

I switched gyms and I'm feeling the change already, after only 4 workouts. The new gym comes with a trainer for the first month (actually, until the end of March), so I have been getting pushed harder than I push myself. A workout usually includes (2) 12-minute elliptical workouts (plus (2) five-minute intervals of cool down on the elliptical) and then exercised like crunches, ball work, or yoga. My goal is to go at least 5x/week. I want to see noticeable changes by my 30th birthday, which gives me a little over 2 more months.

It's a good pain. It's just hard to do anything.
What I need is a Slanket slathered in IcyHot!!

Friday night we went to a meeting at the town Welcome Center for people interested in gardening, farmers market, slow food, etc. Basically people who think the economically sound thing to do is grow local food for local people. About 30 people showed up. My editor sent me there to cover it for the paper, but I was there for personal reasons, too. It might work out into a regular column in the paper and I let the group know I was interested in facilitating that... ahem.

The siding on the house isn't finished, but well underway. Neither of us felt like tackling it anymore this weekend. It will be nice to have a deck/porch, which is on top of the list.

Our outside work today was emptying the greenhouse of the shriveled up heirloom tomatoes and herbs we left in there after the summer. You know, 'cause we're on top of it. And measuring the garden space so we can map out planting plots on some graph paper. We marked off a 31'x41' space. The jury is still out on what design the planting will follow.

And this nice man delivered some firewood for me today! I like to chop wood, but my arms were NOT capable of that today.

Mia hung out in the house with me for a bit this afternoon. Such a sweetie. Really enjoying her new life.


Patia said...

Oh, man, I want a Slanket. Also an electric blanket. (Neva talked me into it.)

I just started taking yoga a few weeks ago -- I go for my third class tonight. Well, I've taken it on and off over the years, but it's been awhile. I decided to switch from pilates. It's surprising how much of a workout it is, isn't it?

Arika said...

Congratulations on your work out pain! That just means it's working!

steph said...

You're doing yoga now? Good for you! Yoga is wonderfully relaxing and great for whipping people into shape. It also helps in injury prevention with all the other stuff you're doing.

LOVE the pooch! Is it a dalmatian mix? So sweet looking, and such a nice photo.

April said...

I'm doing yoga about once a week as part of my new workout routine (5x/week). It's ashtanga yoga, heavy on positions and strength training. I was sore for 2 days!

Mia is a pit bull -dalmatian mix. She survived Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans and we adopted her in Portland. Such a sweet dog. Adopted/rescued dogs are forever grateful.