Thursday, February 19, 2009

The tiny house is looking more like a house and less like a bad art installation.
Operation Exterior is underway. We (Keith) got most of the main boards down.
Tomorrow we're hanging the ledger for the deck and we'll finish siding the front.
Then battons all around.


Yesterday we noticed a crack in the top of the bathroom window.

And today there was another, about half way down.

NOT. Good.

We were just planning on epoxy-ing the top crack to keep condensation from collecting. But this second crack means taking it out sooner rather than later, I think.

We don't know why it cracked, other than it was obviously under some stress.

So far our idea to fill that space is some kind of bottle window. Just a general idea right now, so if anyone knows any good resources, please let us know. So far, I found this in The American Boys' Engineering Book?!

Comic relief today was courtesy of Dad. Keith and I were standing around the chop saw, measuring or something, and Dad walks over all non-chalantly. After a few seconds of small talk he pulls the front of his shirt out and says, "I about had a runaway."

He was welding under a car and "smelled burning" but figured "it would go out" but it just kept getting hotter so he looked down and saw his shirt on fire in three places. And his cigarette lighter was hanging out of his pocket----the one ON FIRE! Luckily, he wasn't hurt. That's why it's so funny. If the lighter had exploded, I wouldn't be cracking jokes. But it was HILARIOUS.

Might want to empty your pockets when you get under a car to weld something.

The dogs are loving that Keith is home and that the weather is getting warmer.
We all are.

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Arika said...

The (tiny) house is looking great!