Saturday, February 28, 2009

Gardening prep

My favorite new weather phrase:
a frog strangler = a big rain storm

Keith and I have placed our preliminary orders for seeds.

We spent $42.50 @ Johnny's.
Cauliflower: Cheddar Total:$5.60
Costata Romanesco (Italian zucchini) Total:$2.85
Golden Beet Total:$3.65
Pickling Cucumbers: Amour Total:$1.20
Heirloom Tomato: Reif Red Heart Total:$1.25
Green Beans: Fortex Total:$4.15
Mini Onions: Purplette Total:$3.65
Cumin Total:$2.95
Bell Peppers, Sweet Orange: Gourmet Total:$4.00
Okra: Cajun Delight (F1) Total:$2.95
Watermelon: Orange Sweet Total:$5.95
Wildflowers: Northern Lights Mix Total:$2.95
Eggplant, Round Baby: No. 226 Total:$1.35

Red Strawberry Popcorn from tmseeds.

And from (they have neat bonsai trees!)
Carrot Nutri-Red (red carrots)
Carrot Purple Dragon (purple carrots)

We also filled a shopping cart with plants and seeds from richters, but then the shipping was over half of the cost of the total order and we couldn't see forking out $90+ for 12 plants. we're too poor. so we have to revisit that list and decide which ones we can't live without.

alpine strawberries, amish paste tomatoes, peppers, oregon sugar pod peas, and my favorite thing i've seen in the catalogs so far....
"Produces nice long, straight branches that can be cut to skewer lengths to grill meats, veggies, and even fruits such as strawberries or pineapple. The savoury essence of rosemary comes through beautifully without overpowering the food. After one try you won’t want to go back to ordinary skewers again. Neat upright growth habit, reaching up to 1.5m (6ft) high."

Um, I don' t want to give away all my farmers market plants, but diversity is key. And we could totally sell rosemary to people to use on the grill...

We also worked up the courage to try pruning a tree.
Another post on that, separately.

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