Sunday, March 1, 2009

Best New Channel EVER

"Rural America's Most Important Network"

Schedule here. Notice Imus in the Morning, Mon-Fri.


This morning I found this captivating channel, scanning through hundreds of channels on my parents' dish.

I watched American Rancher, which was a 30-minute commercial for Holden Herefords in northern Montana. (They could use some website pizzaz.) Apparently these are the best kind of cows to breed with your Angus (America's new #1 breed). And darn good people, you know.

Then there was a commercial for Purina cattle food.
And the brand name was AccuRation. I totally need that.

Commercials for cow antibiotics and vaccines.
This one drug "treats a wide range of diseases."
Did you know "carcas trimming" can cost $40/head?

And what do you think are the risks of using these antibiotics on humans? Like in case of the apocalypse? Will these drugs protect me from zombies? Note to self: Figure out who nearby might have animal antibiotics.

All kidding aside, this website might actually have some useful info.
Maybe not:
5:00 PM Ken McNabb
"Do You Trust Your Horse?" Developing a long-term relationship with your horse, episode 202.
But perhaps:
8:00 PM America's Heartland
MO agri-tourism helps farm family; AZ ranch income from tourists and tree harvests; RI dairy; MN hops and barley, episode 405.
2:00 PM Brazil Ag Report
Agriculture news, markets, and stories from Brazil
and Hee-Haw re-runs.