Thursday, March 5, 2009

Photo Safari and Deck

I've been telling Keith I want to go on a photo safari. Today it happened.
(These were all taken within 15 miles of where we live.)

It was rainy and stormy all day. Not deck-building weather. Good driving around weather.
We decided "deck" was more appropriate than "porch."
Keith's done a bang-up job so far. As always.

We might face it with tin instead of cedar. Still under discussion.
The stairs will come off the nearest corner at a 45ยบ angle, low rise.
And it will continue down the side without siding.
Once we figure out what we're doing with our broken window.

If it's raining again tomorrow we'll probably work on the bedroom walls.

We got our first seeds in the mail today!


Chris said...

I love the photo safari pics. I've been meaning to do the same thing.

neilwaukee said...

i so very much love the safari show, could i live there, with out any scooby moments that is, looks magical and perfect. keep driving around.forget the house, i've forgotten mine and live here.