Saturday, March 21, 2009

Day trip to Winchester

Felt like a good day to get out of town and play tourist somewhere even more rural than we live. Spent less than $17 in diesel, $20 on lunch, $4 at the car wash when we got home, and about $40 on treasures.

First up, we stopped at a second-hand/antiques/hardware store in Craigmont. I found so many treasures. And I put back several things that I thought were a good deal, but that Keith wasn't 100% in love with.

Exhibit C: a $12 meat slicer that is hand cranking.

And I don't even eat meat! But I wanted it.
In times of no electricity, this is something that could be very useful!

Treasures I did bring home:

three small clear bottles for flower vases ($1 each)
a semi-scummy rad tin? soap dish for the shower ($2, I think)
red gas lantern ($4) - might replace the jar and lampshade outside the door
a blue Ball jar ($2)
a neat apron ($5) - I don't even remember to wear aprons, but I like them

a set of three graters that will look rad hanging on the wall ($2 for the set)
2 crooked old wrenches ($1 each)
an old Band-Aid tin (was marked $.50 but she "threw it in free")
not pictured: 2 old metal ice cube trays ($1 each) and an embroidered pale yellow heavy cloth (maybe kitchen curtains?)

Someone at work told me there was a good place to eat in Winchester and we wanted to check out the yurts at Winchester State Park.

the former Cadillac Ranch (sign's still up and lit)

Once we realized the restaurant only took cash or checks, we had to flip a U and go back to the highway convenience store (formerly Cadillac Ranch) to get cash. (After I told off the lady at the other convenience store who told me there was a $5 minimum purchase AND a $1.50 fee to get cash back. I wasn't rude, but I told her it was illegal and she couldn't do that. She said, "Sorry," but she didn't say she'd change it. Keith was embarrassed and waited in the parking lot.)

Even after all of the hassle, we were glad we went back to Calamity's. Keith said it was the best chicken fried steak he'd ever had (fresh not frozen meat grilled not fried, real mashed potatoes, green beans, real cream of tomato soup) and my grilled cheese was deeeeelicious.

The bar next to the restaurant had a limo.

We sat at the counter (choice spot) about 8 feet from the cook.

We were the only people in there for a bit, then 2 older people came in and ordered the special (chicken fried). Maybe it picks up a little in the summer when people come to the lake.

Also, the lake was still/barely frozen over. There were signs everywhere saying Unsafe Ice.
We're thinking of going up there once it's unfrozen to rent a canoe and stay in a yurt.

Saving the best for last, Winchester takes its namesake seriously.
Hanging over Main Street of this tiny little town (pop. 308):

We went to the museum, but it's only open from 10a-noon on Mondays. Seriously.

Tomorrow is my parents' 33rd anniversary and Keith and I are cooking them dinner. Other than that, I think my Sunday's open.


Sarah said...

You kinda make me homesick for Idaho. Kinda.
I would put that soap dish in my kitchen above my sink.

Melissa M. said...

Thanks for the tour. I think you should go to the city of Nez Perce next!

Leeann Blakemore said...

So good to see pics and comments. My grandparents DS Mauk and Kate Mauk owned this establishment (Sandy's Place) many years ago. ~ Leeann