Friday, March 27, 2009

Inside vs. Outside

Keith's been focusing on the outside of the house (deck, siding) but I am ready to move to inside projects. I am tired of staring at visqueen and having pieces of the floor move around because we don't have inside walls built. But I haven't really been doing anything about it.

I found something.
A really cool vinyl sticker of a typewriter.
Comes in sizes small to large. 26"x22" is $48.
Not that we have any space that large that isn't already spoken for.
The only open space of wall is above the bed and countryneal's box painting is going there.

new living room color
(the box painting in Portland)

You can also get custom silhouettes from that place.

I'm also ready to get some storage/shelves built. Right now everything is sitting in the windowsills or hanging from a screw in the wall.
I read this blog called IKEA Hacker where people modify IKEA furniture.
And I really like this shelving/sink set-up. I asked Keith to look at it and see if we could modify it for our kitchen.

The one inside thing we do have is an AWESOME pot rack that my dad and Keith made of of metal. It will bolt to the rafters above the wood stove.

We also started working on a rock path from the driveway to the house so we don't have to muck through the mud.

We placed the rocks last weekend to try to get a feel for spacing. Now there's a million worms under each of them and I am as fascinated with worms as an 8-year-old boy, Keith says. During the last big several-day-rainstorm we could stand on the deck or the path and HEAR the worms doing their thing.

Yesterday we started digging so the rocks will be flush with the ground. About 10 rocks in and four arguments later, we finally figured out a system.

I think the next big project is garden-related. Germination time!


Chris said...

All those worms are definitely a good sign, eh? And that Ikea hacker site is awesome -- thanks for the tip!

kntgrl said...

that is cute as a button.the stones look great!!

evangeline said...

i want to come live in your house, al alone, for just 2 nights.