Sunday, March 8, 2009

“The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.” ~ Bertrand Russell
That pretty much sums up this weekend. We had big plans.

The weather didn't really cooperate so our outside project (deck/stairs) was suspended. Too muddy for digging.

We went to the hardware store to check on plywood, OSB, and bead board prices for inside projects, but decided to finish our seed order instead of buying house materials.

So we placed an order with richters, cutting our original order and saving about $30. It's the shipping that kills--almost half of the total cost. But we did get BBQ rosemary, Alpine strawberries, some other herbs, and some Amish Paste tomato seeds.
We're going halvsies with mom and dad on drip tape.

You know there's something great about sitting in the sun on your own deck at your own house.


brett said...

so happy about the porch. Well done. Regarding the drip hoses - are you going to put them on a timer? I am doing a timer based drip system, but am breaking it out by zone - garden, driveway garden and front garden. My thinking is that the driveway may need more watering since it will be hotter and there may be more evaporation. Any thoughts?

April said...

yep the system we're getting has everything included, timer and pressure regulator.

you're probably right about breaking them into zones.