Saturday, March 14, 2009

From my point of view

The deck looks great.

Sickness has moved from its host, Keith, and is now laying waste to me. (Although I really blame my co-worker(s) for infecting me. It's going around.) Good thing I have a lot of reading material and some firewood to keep me warm...'cause I've been spending a majority of my hours in bed. Keith was hammering away and sawing boards and I slept soundly less than 20 feet away.


There's some more work to do down the side (under the broken window), but it's really a nice addition. There's been a huge full moon and we've stood out on the porch looking for shooting stars. There is a plethora of shooting stars. Well, at least a lot of sky to search for them.

An email from a friend said she imagined this was a place where the sky is wide open. But this is last on my list of places where I stare at the sky. It must be because we're in a valley. I was a big sky watcher in Portland, there was usually something happening in the weather to make a great sunrise or sunset.

Here I don't notice it as much. Unless it's spectacular. Or at night, because even with many close neighbors (within a couple of square miles), there's not a whole lot of light pollution here. We keep fantasizing about watching the stars from the green roof this summer. Ahh.....


darth said...

Hi! I've just happened upon your site and saw this neat post all lonely without comments!

The deck looks great-I'm totally jealous. And I'll be checking your blog regularly--Thanks for letting me watch!

Chris said...

I bet you are as excited for summer as we are, eh?

Melissa M. said...

Love the wide stairs!

Grant Wagner said...

I lived for a short while in Hilo HI, where I got to see nothing less than the clearest skys in the world. Over half of the worlds land based telescope power is on top of Mouna Kea and the star gazing was amazing, every night. When we would actually go up the mountain, I would block more stars than I could count with my thumb at arms length.

Makes my Chicago sky seem downright pathetic.