Friday, July 10, 2009

Chalk it up

The last interior thing I wanted to show, for now, is an old tin advertisement for Pepsi. It might have been a chalkboard before, it was hard to tell. It was black and scratched up in the center. But I masked off the top and bottom and gave it a coat of chalkboard spray paint and now we have somewhere to make notes. Grocery lists, grievances, Things To Do, whatever.

I bought a box of chalk at a yard sale this summer--who doesn't need chalk?--and used some leftover string to attach it to the nail at the top of the sign.

I'm off to work to finish up the Kooskia Days program (using a cover I designed!) and tomorrow I'm covering Stites Days for the paper. Should be interesting - annual celebration for a town of less than 250 people. How long will the parade be? Hopefully I'll be able to post some photos here this weekend.

1 comment:

Grant Wagner said...

If only it was a Coca-Cola advertisement, then it might have been impressive ;) j/k

Ventage advertisements are always cool. I'm still looking for an old "Grant Batteries" one for my office area.