Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Look at my insides

Just so it's apparent that we are actually working on the inside of the tiny house, here's some proof.

Well, this isn't inside. But I wanted to show this awesome wind chime that Keith made out of a gear he found in the ditch near our house, some keys from a xylophone he bought for $2 (they're all of the notes from St. James Infimary and it sounds great although the wind doesn't play the song), and some fishing line. My Master Gleaner.

This is the pot rack that my dad built for us. (Keith helped.) We need some S-hooks on it (and some pots), but it looks pretty neat. Very utilitarian, that's what we're all about.

A big convenience project we got accomplished is moving the electricity. We did have an extension cord running through the bedroom window (see here; so Idaho). The lamp is the only thing in the house that uses electricity (since we stopped using an alarm clock). But the mosquitoes finally got to Keith, since we couldn't have a screen on the window, so he crawled under the house --never a pleasant experience, I've heard-- and fed the cord up through a hole he'd drilled in the floor under the bed. Then he had to re-wire the outlet since the gauge of wire was too big for the outlet which could have caused a fire (except the box it's plugged into is a GFI). P.S. We finally bought a fire extinguisher thanks to a gift certificate our friend Amber gave us to the local True Value. So Amber basically saved our lives! Anyway, it was kind of a hassle, but now I have a better reading lamp, as opposed to a book light that I always had to recharge the batteries for. Less room on the table, but I'm putting the dictionaries I bought to good use, eh?

Another big project is building clothing storage. Right now all of our clothes are in a dresser Keith found on the sidewalk when we lived in Portland. No lie. It was even rained on. So it's not pretty. But almost functional up until now. But in order to do any work in the kitchen/bathroom area we need it out of there. The neighbors Keith was working for gave him these great windows that kind of go with everything else (like it matters!), so we're building something to store our clothes. The bottom 3-pane window opens up from hinges on the bottom and that's where shoes/boots/etc. will go. The next window up is the door for the section that will hold my clothes. And we have another window that will go on top of that and that's where Keith's clothes will go since he's taller. And I'll paint the exposed OSB to match the green wall... Mor e pics when it's done.

One thing I forgot to take a photo of is our chalkboard, which is a way cool vintage Pepsi advertisement Keith got from the same neighbors who gave him the windows. I'll post a photo of that tomorrow.

In other news: We went to a city council meeting in the next town over tonight because they were going to hear public comments on an ordinance the council recently passed banning "dobermans, roteweillers, and pit bulls" from living within city limits. But it's okay if they visit. Or even to tie up outside the grocery store! Yeah, that's the kind of intelligence running the cities around here. So, after 30 minutes of passionate public comments--ranging from "you're taking away our freedoms; what's next?" to "my dogs protect me" and everything in between--the council has decided to revise the ordinance (even though it's still in effect). So guess who's coming to Kooskia Days with us in a couple weeks?! LAZLO!!! Maybe with a T-shirt saying "Free kisses" or "Beware of licking."

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