Monday, January 2, 2012

here's to the good times, which are happening now

Over the river and through the woods... our Sanity Break 2011 happened Friday night (NYE eve) in good ol' Missoula. We love thee. Not much snow at the pass, around 4'. At the end of December...

We wandered around town during happy hour trying to decide which overcrowded restaurant we wanted to squeeze into/wait in line for a decided to ditch it for the Good Food Store where we bought delicious sandwiches and desserty things.

We found a decent deal on a nice room at good hotel and fell in a trance in front of the huge TV and under unlimited hot water.

The view was pretty good, too.

Of course no trip to Missoula is complete without at least a once-through at Home Resource. We debated about using one of these slabs (CHEAP!) for the outdoor kitchen counter, but found a great deal on some red formica instead. 12 bucks, baby!

Made it back to Idaho safe and brought the puppers a new bed. Everyone's ready for 2012.

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Tweekala74 said...

I love the adventures you post. Always makes me want to head off on one too with my husband and the dog (although maybe not the dog if we're staying in a nice hotel!) Happy New Year to you!