Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My Daily Zen

(A warning: this is a dog post.)
Mornings are still too cool to get in any effective exercise for the doggies, so since Keith's been gone I've been taking extra-long lunches and the pups and I walk to the river and they wrestle and eat/smell various and sundry things and I enjoy the quiet and try not to think too much and just breathe deep. 

We're very lucky to live so close to a really great unofficial dog park.

The winter has been so mild so far. It's hard to believe this is January. There were three boats on the river today, fishing.

This is what distraction looks like, waiting for husbands to return.

Lazlo, Brown, Buster

Mia, Pia

Mixed Canine Arts

And...rest...with tongue, of course.


Lydia said...

Looks so peaceful and gorgeous. I'm enjoying the warmth but kind of worried about it too - our little planet is heating up, and all that jazz.

kirk said...

It's nice to see pics of the Clearwater river--I lived in the LC valley for 4 years many moons ago and have alot of good memories swimming in that ice cold water on those 100 degree days in summer.I live up north now and only get down there a few times a year--I love to go up the Snake river past Asotin and explore along the river with my dogs. Great blog!! and Pictures!!