Saturday, November 22, 2008

At least we got out of town

stinky Potlatch at sunset

Well, our trip to The City was not all that we had hoped, but I bought the last TWO Tofurkys @ Rosauers and they were on sale--half price, so I am declaring it a victory! One for Tgiving, one for Xmas. Honestly, a Tofurky sandwich is just as good as the bird kind. My favorite part of Thanksgiving---sammies. Like Stephen Colbert said, "I'm going to pardon my turkey...pard on my stomach and pard on my sandwich." Also, egg nog ice cream at Baskin Robbins. Mmmm.

Our trip to the Orange Megalomart was pretty fruitless. We bought some hangers for the still-in-the-planning-stage deck, some brass door hinges, and silicone, but not much else. Nearly everything on our list was cheaper at our local store, so we decided to shop there instead. Support the local economy, yo. Especially in light of recent news.

Tomorrow we're going to start priming the doors. We saw some really neat metallic Ralph Lauren paint that would be cool for the trim, but it was $18/quart and we're too cheap for that. Also, I checked out low-VOC paint, but they only sell it by the gallon and we don't need that much. Boooo.

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brett said...

Back in the day, when I was doing major work in the house, HD was a godsend. They had the best prices and had what I needed. Then things changed. Suddenly, it was hard to find the items I wanted for the price I though they would be there, so started shopping at local PARR and True Value.

Also, I discovered that Miller low voc paint is less expensive and goes further than anything HD has to offer. You may want to inquire if there is a local paint store.

Good luck and congrats on the progress so far. You have done wonders.

Oh, and if you are holding out for IKEA flooring, there may be a big sale after Christmas which would have their flooring for 40% off. Just a thought.