Thursday, November 13, 2008

We're getting a roof this weekend! Etc.

The weather is finally breaking (or is supposed to) and we're planning on putting the roof on the Tiny House this weekend! You can't even imagine how much Keith and I are chomping at the bit. CHOMP.

While very non-conducive to roof raising, the rain has been great for the volunteer mushroom crop.

Keith's been busy busy getting the doors ready. Today when I got home he had the hardware installed. My dad gave us an old brass handle/lock that his dad pulled off an old homestead in Montana maybe about 15 years ago. It's pretty sweet. Photos soon.

We picked out some paint samples for the doors and we're trying to decide what color(s) will work best with the barn wood we think we're going to use as siding. So I cut up the samples and taped them to a sample board today.

Click for a larger version.
First off we thought a nice red door would be great.
But now I'm leaning toward blue and Keith's leaning toward yellow.

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wolf21m said...

I should know better than to take sides, but that yellow does look great against that wood. I am sure my wife would pick a different color... Good luck with the roof!