Saturday, November 1, 2008

Family Affair

The weather's turning cold fast and so Mom and Dad helped us out a lot today by working on the Tiny House with us ALL DAY! About 10 hours total. They were so much help--I think we did 2 days' worth of work.

Keith nailing up the last piece of sheeting.

Keith covered in sawdust...we all were.

panorama of the inside of the Tiny House

back side of the Tiny House

starting to wrap the front
(front doors' hole on the right)

We wrapped the house and made it waterproof (it's supposed to rain tomorrow), but we didn't finish until after dark, so that photo will be posted later. It's a huge (tiny) white cube. Very art-installation looking.

Not only were my parents a lot of help, we also had a lot of fun. We're really lucky that they're buying into this plan we have and that they are so generous with their time and everything else they have. We can't tell them Thank You enough. But we try.


wolf21m said...

The house is looking great. It has been amazing to watch the progress through your posts. You tell a great story.

evangeline said...

i can't wait to see it wrapped! i like wrapped.
and also, i'm loving that view of the tree over there out of the left window.
lookin good!

brett said...

Looking great!