Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Future Farmers, For Real

Tonight is the first night Keith and I are attending a class called "Sustainable Small Acreage Farming and Ranching." It's 10 weeks, through Jan. 21, for 3 hours every Wednesday night with field tours scheduled for March and it's being offered through The University of Idaho's Lewis Co. Extension office. Keith's getting a scholarship and I'm hoping that since I only work about 22 hours a week, I will "qualify" for one, too. (Keith "qualified" by asking for one.)

It's too dark to be working on the Tiny House in the evenings and it will give us something fun to do together. Plus, if we're good students, and we are, we'll be able to apply this knowledge to next year's garden. And maybe even make some money from it? Lofty goals.

a poster for the same class
offered in southern Idaho

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