Thursday, November 20, 2008

Tin & Insulation

The roof is done.

The insulation is in.

Saturday we're tagging along with my parents to The City to visit the hardware megalomart for things like Visqueen, door hinges, galvanized pipe, eye hooks, stovepipe cap, wire and eye hooks for the windows... and basically to scheme for the rest of what we need to finish for winter.

Tonight we went out and marked everywhere we're going to build something that will take up floor space and deducted that sq.ft'age from the total sq.ft'age of the house = about 144 sq. ft. of actual flooring needed. My dad's friend Dave has some laminate flooring he's going to sell to us on the cheap and although it's not exactly what I had in mind, it's sufficient and about half the price of what I was looking at on IKEA.

We're still thinking of some kind of IKEA countertop... and probably supported with galvanized pipe. I am really digging this corner sink from IKEA and we might be able to afford it by the time we're ready to install it (next year).
The good news is we could be sleeping out there as soon as next week. The wood stove will probably be the most time-consuming project to complete, but it's obviously essential.


evangeline said...

Wow! It's happening so fast!!!!!!

evangeline said...

why are you waiting a year to put in the sink?

April said...

well, we won't be ready for plumbing until next it will give us time to save up for a sink, etc. we're doing cistern water on the roof (solar heated), so that's a project for better weather.