Saturday, December 13, 2008

Change is hard, but inevitable

Everything changes, the zen master reminds me.
The more easily you accept this, the easier your life will be.

Getting used to not being on the internet for *cough*several hours a day*cough* is HARD. But I am managing. I don't have a choice, being sans laptop now for the past few weeks. That piece of crap is useless and can't even be sold for parts. What do I do, throw it away? Smash it, Office Space-style? That might be gratifying! I sneak in most of my browsing, via Google Reader, at work, which is also the only place I can post photos. My calories-for-a-Macbook diet is not producing any tangible results, but that may be explained by another recent change:

My new gym membership. Yes, that's right. I am paying money to exercise. I started Friday morning. I didn't eat breakfast and almost passed out after 10 min. on the elliptical trainer. Amateur! The monthly fee (no contract) includes all the classes they offer, too---so soon I will be giving kickboxing a try. I asked and there's only about 4 people taking the class so my risk of embarrassment is sufficiently low. They have showers so I am thinking of hitching a ride in to town with my mom, on her way to work, and getting a workout in before I have to be at work at 9. Keith laughed, and said, You do realize that means you'll have to get up at, like, 6?

Today I burned some calories helping Keith get firewood. He's working PT for a local arborist and volunteered to dispose of a poplar they cut down last week. Free firewood! So we cut up the tree and hauled it home today. 3 pickup loads. And probably at least one more load of maple tomorrow. It has to cure, or dry out, so it won't be ready to burn until next year, but there's probably about 2 years' worth, total.

Tomorrow (after woodgetting) we'll finish putting the doors together (and they look RAD!! just wait until you see pics) and maybe build the platform/storage under the bed. One of the things we have to do before the flooring can go in. With only 12 days until Christmas, we're under the gun to get moved in!


Mockum said...

Hey, April, when at the gym, try to make it fun first before getting too serious. I think one of the biggest mistakes people make is to overdo at the beginning. Then they quit because it's too hard and painful. Also, ignore everybody else -- they can do workouts at their pace, you do your workouts at your pace. Good luck and stick with it!

evangeline said...

ohhh I wish you could live here and motivate me to go to the gym!!

James M. said...

That is so freaky! I just did the same thing! Well, it was less "join a gym" and more "eat cookies". And I didn't really change. I stayed the same.
But I promise I will change. Okay, I promise to promise. Most likely.