Thursday, December 18, 2008

Happy Solstice to me!!

Keith and I don't really celebrate Christmas. We've opted out of extended family name-drawing/gift-giving for several years now and we really only exchange gifts with our immediate family because my mom would cry if we didn't. No, but really, it's a family tradition and we like to participate in the feel-good-ness of it, but it's the consumerism and caroling and baby jesus that we're not into so much...

So, Keith and I don't really exchange gifts, formally, like ever. I mean for birthdays we go out to dinner or do something. And if we see something that we know the other one likes/needs, we just buy it. (Like Keith's winter boots, which should be here tomorrow!) Today out in the garage while we were polishing and installing the hardware on the doors, Keith said, "You didn't get me anything for Christmas, did you?" I gave him a look of disbelief and said, "I think the Tiny House is our gift." He seems satisfied with that. He better be, because I didn't get him anything and I don't plan on it (unless something strikes me at the last minute...).

But I couldn't help it today when I saw this on Blogtown (the Portland Mercury's blog, which I still read) from Ork Posters. I bought one for myself. For the Tiny House. For us.

Why I still feel connected so Portland is another discussion entirely, but the design of this really appeals to me and I like how all of the neighborhoods are spelled out (I've been really into typography lately). Art in the Tiny House will have to be well-chosen and appropriately sized, and I think this one will do just fine!

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