Thursday, December 11, 2008

Installing glass, Egyptian style

Last weekend we made big progress by installing the 2 plate glass windows. We had been waiting on the trim that holds them---waiting for the several layers of paint to dry. Which took FOREVER. Don't paint things when it's cold. Because it takes forever to dry---even in a heated garage.

But the windows themselves posed a problem because of their size and weight. At 4.5' x 7' and several hundred pounds each, we were brainstorming on how to install them a) without breaking them (they flex a little when you pick up on the ends) and b) without cutting someone in half if they are too heavy and we drop one.

Then I had an idea! Let's do it like the Egyptians. Or maybe like the Easter Islanders. The point is, on rollers! So we bought half a dozen broom handles at True Value (now there's a business to be in--high profit margin in broom handles! $4 each!) and laid them out on the floor of the tiny house.

First, we loaded the windows, one at a time, into the back of the Mule to drive them over to the house.

Then we carefully slid them into the floor of the house. And everyone was waiting on me, while I documented everything.

From that point we rolled it around on the broom handles to position it in front of the hole where it needed to go. It was easier than trying to maneuver the window any other way--and no chance of breaking it!
This is the part that was most scary---lifting them into place without breaking them. Because they weren't framed they were a little flexible, but Foreman Gary assured us that as long we lifted them slowly we'd be ok. And he was right!

The new windows (one at the foot of the bed and one in the bathroom) let in a TON of light. I think storage is going to be our main problem--light is definitely not.

Before the big windows went in we installed the 2-way mirror in the bathroom, too.

So now the house looks like this, only imagine the big windows installed:

We're working on getting the door hardware ready (cleaning the brass) and the doors are painted and ready to put together. We also need to get the flooring installed and the wood stove in. And both of those projects are pretty labor-intensive...

At this point, we're shooting for a move-in date of Before Christmas.
But Keith says definitely by his 40th birthday (Jan. 28)!!
Let's hope it's earlier rather than later.

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Anonymous said...

OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT'S SO CUTE!!!!!

I hope you get to be in before Xmas - that would be awesome.

I think some do-it-yourself-tiny-house magazine or something should be following this!