Monday, December 29, 2008

Speed updating on my lunch break

It decided to be winter after all. We've been dumped on for the past week or so but it's raining now, which makes everyone's favorite--a foot of slush. Went to the gym this morning but forgot my boots. My very loving husband waited for me and drove me to work so I didn't have to swim there.

Keith is starting to install the floor today! This puts us on track for a Jan 1 move-in. !!

Tuesday the forecast is looking good for installing the upper portion of the stovepipe, the important part--the one that prevents asphyxiation. The stove itself is in, but the plates on top and the back don't go on until the rest of the stovepipe is on. So we use it as a glove dryer instead. I'm loving the tin behind it. We're also putting tin on the opposite wall, where the sink and counter will be.

Yesterday we made the bed frame, which really showed us how much room we have left.
backside is open for storage of off-season clothes

Talked about window sills, walls, curtains, shelving, reading swing, cabinets and escape hatches--all the fun stuff.

We also hung up the B that my dad made us for Christmas. We love it!!

Yesterday the weather was gorgeous---almost balmy. Keith swept all the snow off the roof (in preparation for installing the stovepipe) and Lazlo and I played catch with some snowballs.


Melissa M. said...

Looking good April!
That bed frame is nice, I like your storage idea. I hope you are sleeping on it soon!

wolf21m said...

Did you make it? Are you moved in on Jan 1st? I hope it is all going well!

Arika said...

Hey! I hope you had a wonderful new year!