Monday, December 22, 2008

Come on knock on our door(s)...

We're adjusting the deadline. It doesn't look like we'll be in by Dec. 25.
I could yell at the contractor, but I have a feeling that wouldn't do any good.
It's no one's fault, it's just too cold to get much done. We can only work out there for an hour or so before we I start to get frostbite.

The good news: The doors are hung!

Two weeks ago we had no snow. Today we have probably over 1'.

hardware my grandpa pulled off an old homestead in Montana

The brass hardware my dad gave us looks awesome with the paint color we chose. I had to rub hard on that brass to get it so shiny. We just wanted an even base for the patina to do its thing. Let's see what all this snow/rain/cold does to the color.

The blue tarp front door will soon be a thing of the past. Keith planned on insulating them today (weatherstripping, etc.) and maybe getting the wood stove ready to install. We're on the big countdown now. We also had to build some temporary steps to make getting in and out easier. Next spring we'll make our deck.

The dogs are loving the snow. We only let them out for about 15 minutes at a time because we don't want their feet to get frozen, but I think they'd stay out all day if we let them. Lazlo at least, because he has a health layer of insulation.


Mia Pia loves to eat snow!

3 comments: said...

I just love the winter. By the way, your door handles look really classy.
I have seen some good ones also from the factories of the solid wooden doors manufacturers I know of.

wolf21m said...

Sorry you had to adjust the deadline. You may not realize the progress working day to day, but its fabulous to watch from a far.

I love the door handle!

Good luck on the completion.

stephen said...

The Tiny House is looking great! I love the big windows.

I'm sure the snow is deeper and the temps are lower there, but PDX is really cold n snowy. It makes the Jan '07 snow look weak. This time, even the buses & MAX are having major problems. I was at Powell's the other day and the place was practically empty.