Sunday, April 12, 2009

It really feels like spring now.

tulips in the flower beds

cherry tree getting ready to bloom outside our bedroom window

veggies sprouting in the greenhouse

It was also my dad's 67th birthday today. His mom, sister and niece, friends and neighbors were here this morning for coffee and doughnuts around the fire pit.

Mia must have gotten to close to the fire pit at some point. She has some singed whiskers.
Lazlo enjoyed the sun, too. And some belly rubs.

Keith finished the siding on the tiny house today!! Milestone!

Now I'm even more excited to get him working on the inside. All we need is the necessary funds to buy materials. (crickets chirping)

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Arika said...

My favorite part of spring is when the cherry trees bloom! I was babysitting this little boy the other week and he couldn't grasp the concept of why some of the trees had magically turned pink and not that they were flowers. I hope you had a good Easter April & Keith!