Saturday, April 4, 2009


Today was the kind of day that gives one hope. It's amazing what some Vitamin D3 therapy can do for one's outlook on life.

It was a perfect day to sow some seeds for the garden. It was so warm I started thinking, Oh, I hope I'm not late starting these. But then I remembered it's only the first of April. And we didn't plant the garden last year until mid-June. I think we'll be fine.

I used a strawberry container from Costco for the herbs. The lid snaps down and will keep warmth and moisture in. Dill, basil, parsley, and cilantro. We have cumin seeds, too, but they're direct sow (in the ground, no transplanting).

I also started a bunch of seeds to transplant once the danger of frost is gone. Broccoflower, orange cauliflower, peppers, two kinds of tomatoes, Italian zucchini, red and purple carrots, golden beets, mini purplette onions, and even some okra!

It might be a greenhouse-only plant since it likes warm weather... we'll see. I had never seen okra seeds before and they were, by far, the most interesting of the bunch. The herbs and this flat of veggies went into the greenhouse straightaway.

I was pretty productive today. Woke up at a decent time, made it to the gym, planted seeds, took a nap, sat on the porch in the sun with my husband, watched the dogs enjoy the sunshine, which they do just as much or more than we do. What a great Saturday.

According to Keith, we're going to replace the broken bathroom window tomorrow so we can finish the siding on that end of the house. Also, we need to get a gutter up and that will take some planning.

Rainwater collection will be a serious undertaking after the gutter goes up. Like Keith said, there are a million projects and more are added each day.

One good development is Keith has been asked about building an addition onto someone's house in town. If that happens, it will give us the cash to do more on our own house. My paychecks are eaten up by the few small bills we have and everyday life.

My mom and I went to Lewiston this week and I coveted, among other things, this wire shelving unit. It's what they use in commercial kitchens and Keith and I have talked about how much we like the look since, well, years. And they're on sale at Costco, $79.99!

The biggest drawback would be flooring. When we laid the laminate flooring, we cut out where we were planning on building cabinets, so we'd have to find some other kind of flooring to fill in that space. It's doable, just a change of plans. We should be used to that by now, eh?


Amanda said...

The house looks awesome!!! I need to come visit soon and see it in person. Keith hasn't seen it since it was just cement in the dirt...he'll be so impressed. :) Give Laz, Mia and everyone else a big hug from me!

Mockum said...

April, the place looks really nice. The angled deck/stairs really pulls the cabin together.

Any thoughts on when you're going to tackle the green roof? I noticed there will be a green/eco roof conference in Little Beirut at the end of the month.

April said...

thanks, we really like the deck/stairs, too!

the green roof is supposed to happen this spring/summer. i think we've decided against putting the water up there, but i do think we're going to do a raised-bed type of green roof in the center (about 8'x16')'s still up for discussion, though

Grant Wagner said...

W00t! I finally caught up with the rss feed and can go back to my reader. I think I'm up to nearly 400 entries. The house looks awesome, The animals are so cute (although I wouldn't mind some more cat pics ^_^), and as always, I wish you luck in all your endevors. Maybe this year you'll be able to keep more of your garden goodies during the year with a proper root celler or at least a root barrel.