Sunday, April 5, 2009

Out with the old, in with the new

The broken bathroom window nearly widowed me today.

Keith removed the trim that was holding it in and fished some (subpar) rope through some eyehooks on either side of it to lower it slowly into the back of the mule. Only, about 10% into the lowering, the rope broke and Keith had to barrel roll out of the back of the mule, over the pile of firewood, and landed safely in the grass with only a strained neck/shoulder while the window crashed and broke into a million pieces.

It could have cut him in HALF. But it didn't.

We did have to vacuum the grass below the window for slivers of glass, though. Hopefully the doggies don't find any pieces we missed.

We replaced the (free) broken window with a $20 slightly smaller window Keith picked up at the second hand store on Hill St. and Hwy. 12 a couple weeks ago.

Keith's task this week is to finish the deck and siding on that end of the house.

But he's injured. After cutting the trim down to size for the new window, he was wheeling the radial arm saw back into the shed and the head of the saw rolled back and smashed his finger. You can click here to see the damage, but it's not for the squeamish (Amanda, don't click). Basically, best-case scenario, he will lose his fingernail. It took about 2 hours for it to stop bleeding. From under his fingernail. OW. Since we don't have insurance his treatment plan is to keep his hand above his heart to reduce the throbbing.

But the window is in and that's another project scratched off the list. Back to work for me tomorrow. Dad's birthday is next Sunday so we're planning a BBQ for next weekend. If the weather is anything like it was this weekend, it'll be a good time.


Chris said...

Keith is like an action hero.

stephen said...

ouch! rough weekend for KB! i smashed my finger like that many years ago, my fingernail has regrown with a permanent crease..weird.

the tiny house looks awesome! the deck is the perfect spot for lounging & reading.

kntgrl said...

"it could have cut him in HALF".....that is so scary in hindsight,non?

April said...

yes, definitely, KG. like, thinking of the possible outcomes. too scary to consider. we were very lucky.

Amanda said...

you should see K2's thumb...let's hope that Keith's doesn't turn out like that...all fungusy and such. ew.