Thursday, April 16, 2009

New planters and greenhouse update

I thought I was going to finish laying the rock for the path to the house today.

But that didn't really sound all that fun. So when Keith suggested we tarp the garden (to kill what's growing there--grass and weeds), I abandoned the idea of digging scores of shallow holes for rocks rather quickly.

Instead we made planters out of some old car fenders and bricks we bought at the recycled building materials place in Moscow. They're from a remodel at the University of Idaho, probably from the 60s, judging by their orange color. The car fenders were surplus that my dad had and I thought they'd look neat. I like rusty things and car parts, so why not?

the inside of one of the fenders

Keith cut the fenders to be half-circles with the plasma cutter.

There was a big patch of variegated grass growing in the middle of the garden, so we dug it up and cut it in half, one for each planter. The bricks went between the fenders and the steps to preserve the cedar siding Keith spent so much time on.

We filled the fenders and the bricks with compost from last year's pile and I planted a variety of flower seeds (mixed 5 packages) in the top of the bricks, so we'll see what comes up.

The cherry tree outside our bedroom window finally has a few blooms on it. It should be in full force by next weekend. Can't wait.

Most everything in the greenhouse is growing strong. We still haven't seen any pepper sprouts, or the red kind of carrot, or round eggplant, but there's enough that going right to give me hope for this year's bounty.

Tomorrow we're headed up to Wilderness Gateway to meet up with our Big Sky Solar-Wind friends (did you see the product placement in the video??) for a quickie camping trip. Sans dogs!! (Thanks for dog sitting, mom and dad.)


Anonymous said...

Wow, your place really is coming along beautifully, it's been fun to watch it rise from the ground into something that seems to fit you all so well, like a bespoke tailored suit.


Patia said...

Very interesting planters!

Gracehoper said...

Those planters are so cool. Great idea!

evangeline said...