Saturday, April 18, 2009

Low-Water Lochsa

Met some nice people, saw our friends, ate well, had a great time tagging along while they did the 2009 inaugural run of the Lochsa River. They said the water was pretty low. Nothing as gnarly as this. Looks like we should definitely head up there to watch the action over Memorial Day.

I would definitely needs one of these:

It would have been fun to float, but we weren't equipped (raft-wise or clothing-wise). Someone at camp told us we should buy a raft, that they're "only $800" or so on craigslist. We didn't tell him how long $800 would last us in real life, the life where we can't afford things like HOBBIES that require sizable expenditures. We do things that are free or VERY cheap. Like camping.

We might get a cheap canoe from someone we know. We could practice in the slackwater down at the river.

But no Lochsa runs for us. Maybe some time when there's fewer people and the water is warmer. We had fun tagging along, though.

Had to give the standard answers to "what do you do," and while it sounds great and romantic, working PT and the garden and house and all, there are also times when it's hard. But most of the time it's pretty great and we were/are reminded of that.

dinner: grilled portabellas, pasta salad, sweet potato cubes

Keith pointing to a rainbow that didn't show up in the photo.

There was a TON of moose poop in the campground...
maybe we should have scooped it up for additional income.

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Chris said...

I've never been up to the Lochsa, I'm going to have to check it out.