Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Catch you up

For first time visitors, thanks to the tinyhouseblog.com feature!, here's a synopsis of where we've been and where we're going...

April - 30, grew up in central Idaho, met Keith in Kansas City in 1997, graduated from Univ. of Montana w/ a liberal studies degree in 2006. Working PT at the local small town newspaper, voracious reader, idealist learning to navigate reality, amateur photographer, learning about design. Primary blogger on this site (despite asking Keith to make posts again and again, it's just not something he's into).
Keith - 40, grew up in southwest Kansas, graduated from Univ. of Montana w/ a food service management degree in 2005. Works PT here and there, a.k.a. "self-employed." The brains and braun behind the logistics of building the tiny house thanks to his construction work in Missoula, his natural math skills, and a big brain.
Lazlo - 5ish, sweet brindle pit bull. Having him in our lives has made us ambassadors for the breed. He's hilarious and loving and not mean at all (except to squirrels, which he barks at mercilessly). Loves to sleep under covers and to swim and fetch sticks out of the river.
Mia - 5ish?, Dalmation-pit bull mix (we think) adopted while we lived in Portland. Hurricane Katrina survivor! Rescued by ARNO, adopted from Family Dogs New Life, a great no-kill shelter. The most affectionate dog I've ever met. She has some lingering issues from the trauma of the hurricane, but she's a very happy dog overall. Loves to fetch and play tug-of-war. Not so fond of the river for obvious reasons.
Why we chose to move here when we did
Leaving Portland (our home of 2 years)
My philosophy
The beginning of construction on the tiny house
Gathering materials (an ongoing process)

We went to Mexico for about six weeks after I graduated, camped down the west coast in our car with Lazlo, met some great people, had some great adventures, and learned a lot...including you don't need a lot to live a good life. That's pretty much where the seed got planted for what we're still trying to do. If you want to read about that trip start here and work forward.

Feel free to ask questions in the comments and explore the site...I document our garden, our trips here and there, and a lot of nonsense in between not necessarily related to the tiny house, but it relates to our lives in general.


Karla said...

Stumbled upon your blog thru "tiny house" newsletter and love what you have done. The window wall is my favorite idea! Continued success!

Kim said...

Wow! What a wonderful story you have to tell. And, what guts to do it! You've got another reader (like it or not).

Patia said...

Hey, April. Even though I've "known" you for years, this post and your Happiness Project post really helped fill in some gaps for me.

I admire what you're doing and think you're really lucky to have such good relationships with your parents and Keith.

Patia said...

Oh, and also, thanks for introducing me to the term "desire path." I like that.

Smilin-buddha said...

Love the Blog.

The Mad Science Chik said...

Love the blog!

I am dying to make a window room divider, but lack instructions - interwebs research has yeilded little helpful information. What did you guys do to put it together? I just came into some great old glass sliding cabinet doors!

Keep on with the good stuff!

Kate (Cathy Johnson) said...

So who--or what--is Precious Roy??

I've been enjoying your building process almost from the first--wonderful job!

April said...

Precious Roy is a character from a funny off-the-air TV show called Sifl&Olly. It's just the screen name I happened to pick for my flickr account.
Thanks for your visits!

Kate (Cathy Johnson) said...

Thanks, April, you can tell I'm a cultural illiterate! *G* Love the porch, as I think I said on your Flickr. I'm in the midst of building a small art shed, and really relating to all the bits and pieces.