Friday, September 12, 2008

Gathering and gathering

Successful day scavenging for the Blankenships.

We spent $232 at the recycled building place.

  • French doors---for the front door; in better condition than the ones we originally picked. One door needs glass and we'll make both match (remove the mullions on the one). Then sand them and paint them red.
  • PVC shower basin/insert. We'll pour concrete around it and lay redwood slats over the top.
  • Glass dividers for shower -- we'll build a half wall with these two glass pieces as the top half (this will make more sense when you see my new sketch of the house) shower basin behind the glass panels
(Okay, here's a pic of a facsimile of what I'm thinking, minus the "modern"stuff---but see: glass separating shower from rest of the room, wood slats in floor)
  • Hearth! We got these 6 orange clay blocks to lay on their sides (like the one in the middle) to put the wood cookstove on. If that makes it too high, we'll use them as a heat sink between the wall and stove. They came from a University of Idaho building. $1.50 each
  • Toilet tank lid as bathroom shelf (cantilevered style) and a "safety light" from a grain elevator (might stay a light, might become a wall-mounted vase)
Didn't buy, but WANTED:
  • Concrete sink. I LOVED this sink. The design, the size. Even though it's cracked (I say that side could be dry storage with a wood panel/cutting board over the top of it...). But Keith would not budge. Only $50.
  • Rusty dented pale blue catwalk wire rack, to hang as an overhead pots/pans rack---only $20! I also LOVED this but Keith was Meh so we passed.
Decided we want:
  • Truck mirrors mounted in the bathroom.
  • Ceramic tile floor instead of concrete (cheaper, still a good heat sink)
  • Fold-down table
Saw, but didn't want:
  • Cage?!
Confused by:
  • Random weird note
After 3 hours poking around the salvage yard: lunch at the grocery co-op.


Chris said...

You know, as cool as all the salvage yard stuff is, it is Keith's Iron Maiden "Somewhere in Time" t-shirt that dominated this thread for me.

Arika said...

I'm a sucker for French doors!