Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Domingo Gigante!

aka Big Sunday
only you say it like a monster truck rally announcer

First things first. Let's talk about my our shiny wood cookstove. Dad and Keith have put a lot of sweat into refurbishing this and it shows! Beautiful, eh? Can't wait to fire it up! We're on the lookout for cast iron EVERYTHING. And a newspaper roller, still.

On the agenda for Big Sunday Domingo Gigante: berrypicking @ the neighbors'...again! Oh darn. Dad was supposed to come help us, but had some hokey story about the battery on the Mule dying...yada yada yada. Sure, whatever dad!! Anyway, Keith and I had an awesome time in the early morning sun (and 9ish is early for Sundays).
This is how good the boysendberries are!
Also we got more peppers.

Then we drove the Catalina to Lumberjack Days.

Keith demonstrates the art of the farm truck wave.

We spent some time at the log show, even though we were OVER THREE HOURS LATE. Shoulda checked the schedule somewhere instead of listening to Mom's wild guess about when it started...my bad.

We walked through the exhibits. All fairly underwhelming. Get it? Fairly?!
And the midway. She is a cruel temptress.
The ferris wheel was stuck and the carnies were helping scared little kids off of it one-by-one. Keith and I were glad we weren't on it or I would have been bugging out. Panic attack city, people. Plus it was HOT.

The bartering networking thing is picking up. I've had several responses in the last few days (from the ad I put on craigslist) and someone forwarded me the address to a local bartering website where you can post what you want and need. On which I found someone who wants to trade blackberries for 12 bottles of wine. Amen! (I asked her if boysenberries were acceptable.) So I'm going to start advertising that in the paper. And maybe organize a quarterly meeting, especially for people who don't/can't get online.

And speaking of paper, I have another article coming out in this week's paper--on the front page even. About the meeting we went to up in Woodland.


Patia said...

All my pans are cast iron and I love them. You can often find good ones at secondhand stores. Also, Sears has an extensive selection, including a three-in-one deep skillet/Dutch oven/griddle combo I've been contemplating for a year.

Gorgeous berries, and I love the farm wave and fair mural pics.

Melissa M. said...

love the wave demonstration.
Oh Lumberjack Days...how I remember getting sick on your rides and eating too much sugar (elephant ears).

Recess said...

This life looks to be treating you well! Eeees gut!

brett said...

I really wish I could get into bartering more. This summer, I followed the trail of a gardener who kept trading items from her garden for items she hadn't grown. Why wouldn't we want to do stuff like that.

I love love love my cast iron skillet. My only challenge (and minor at that) is that we don't cook meat, so it is a little more challenging to keep it oiled and seasoned. It does cook up some mean tuna steaks though.

Love the garden. I'm envious. You're an inspiration for next year.