Tuesday, September 23, 2008

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resting aka The Comedown

Poor Mia. She had a great time fetching and chewing, but she's been having a hard time with her hips/back legs. She is SO high energy. She runs around like a greyhound on speed, happy to play and get exercise and not wanting to stop and you'd never guess there's anything wrong with her. Then at night she can barely move.

We might have overdone it with the Chuck-It this evening. She's not putting any weight at all on her back legs tonight. I'll have to carry her to bed. Time for some doggy chondroitin and a trip to the vet. Apparently hip problems are common in dalmatians. Ibuprofen doesn't seem to be helping tonight. Poor girl.

Fall is coming on strong. And I am so grateful, you might be able to guess, that... it's NOT RAINING! Is it raining in Portland? Probably! Not here! Although it is pretty cold. We'll be moving in from the tent soon. Until the tiny house is up!


mockum said...

I'm sorry to hear that your dog has health problems.

I give Deramaxx to my American Bulldog who has hip dysplasia. Ibuprofen didn't help much. Deramaxx really helps though it can be bad on the liver. I don't let him run around too much because of how sore he becomes.

April said...

thanks, i'll check into that

Patia said...

Cute doggie pics.

Saw this and thought of you:


Cool Tools is a great site, if you're not already familiar with it.