Thursday, September 11, 2008

Impersonating concerned citizens

I like working for the newspaper because now if I want to take photos somewhere, I can just say," I work for the newspaper." And then hope no one asks any follow-up questions.

Tonight we went to a meeting with County Commissioner Skip Brandt at the Old Woodland Schoolhouse re: trash service in this county and why they're paying more for less service. It's working itself up into another article. His mantra was, "I want to do the bare minimum." No, seriously.

Beautiful drive in the barely-road-worthy Whatchamacallit.

Blinding sunset in spots.

This afternoon we went to Stites 1.5 times. Half way there Keith realized the papers we were supposed to be taking to the Stites post office were sitting in the garage. So we turned around.

Stites is a weird town. A tiny weird town. Less than 300 people tiny. So check out the Stites Fire Dept./City Clerk.

And the Post Office, across the street.

We also cooked pears for pear butter today. Juicer steamer --> food mill + spices and sugar = pear butter.

Also, some juice was made into DELICIOUS COMA-INDUCING syrup.

Tomorrow morning we're headed back to the recycled building materials place in Moscow. Hoping the french doors we want are still there.

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