Friday, September 19, 2008

Are we making progress?

Sometimes it doesn't really feel like it.

Yes, we're close to getting started.
But you know what that means is: we haven't started.
It's binary, Yes or No.
And we're still at No.

Now Keith's gone for another week to work at catering gig in Hamilton, Mont.

I'm going to order windows next week. And we think we know of someone to hire to dig the trenches for the stem wall... We'll order plywood and have it delivered with the windows. Logistics. Oy. Let's just start building already, huh?

We did start on the doors.
I am awesome with a screw gun.

Time for a GARDEN UPDATE. (yawn)

And the garden has been threatening to become UN-fun. As in, Are We Done Yet, I Mean Come On Already. Although I am happy to report that some of the things we thought wouldn't grow---they're growing.
heirloom tomato!
the only one that's turned red
(and split from overwatering Dad said)
heirloom tomatoes FAIL
(burned plant, so sad)
Mia in the cantaloupe patch portion of the garden.

Today I got really excited when Keith said my Mercedes book came in the mail! And he said my photo was on the cover!

Well, it turns out my photo IS on the cover.
With 24 other photos. No wait, 49! (The cover uses lenticular printing so each square has two images in it and depending on how you tilt the book they swap back and forth...)
And it's NOT inside the book and it's NOT credited and it's NOT paid for.
So this is almost more of a bummer than anything.
I mean, cool, I got a free book. my dad says, "It really chaps my hide!"

my photo is in the 4th row and 4th column
and can be seen HERE, full size, on flickr

With all that's going on in the world right now, though, honestly--this is a first world problem, and a very minor one at that. So enough complaining already.

Next weekend (when Keith gets back, oh I can't wait) we're traveling to Boise on Saturday to help my paternal grandma celebrate her 88th birthday.
And on Sunday we plan on going to the Combine Demolition Derby at the Lewis County Fair.
We're all about the county fair here.


James M. said...

I am going to remedy that blog/email situation. I'll just give every a periodic heads up.

These veggies look muy delicioso...

evangeline said...

mmmmm keith.

(sorry, sometimes it's all about keith).