Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Decade of the Dude

Rolling Stone has posted a series of articles and interviews relating to the 10th anniversary of one of the best films ever made, The Big Lebowski. (check the links at the top of the RS page)

There was just a LebowskiFest in San Francisco. Too bad---I want to make it to one, one of these days.... Maybe one in Seattle?

Time to buy some stickers! I have "This aggression will not stand, man," on my bicycle. I bought a few more quote stickers and some "Abide" stickers.

And Keith already has a LebowskiFest T-shirt I bought for him.

Obviously, we're big fans. We've seen the movie countless times.

A Little Lebowski Urban Achiever on... The Price is Right!

I also have a tattoo of a Jeff Bridges drawing.

drawing and tattoo
"making it on down the road"

He's also a really amazing photographer. He takes photographs with a Widelux on movie sets when he's making a film. Like this one from The Big Lebowski.

And this one of his brother Beau, during the filming of The Fabulous BakerBoys.

There's a great gallery of more of his photos on FILE Magazine's site, here.


Van de Graeff said...

tee hee I used to see Jeff in Santa Barbara. He would wave to me and my friend when trespassed on his land to get to some hot springs behind his property. He was always very cool about it. Like the Dude for sure!

stephen said...

hey dudes, check out this NY Times article...Tiny House stuff

Patia said...

Ha ha, we watched the Big Lebowski a few weeks ago before going out bowling. What a great movie. I knew so many guys like that growing up in Santa Cruz.