Saturday, September 13, 2008

BUMMED. so bummed.

David Foster Wallace, one of my favorite authors, died.

Brilliant writing.

I'm about halfway through my second reading of his massive Infinite Jest.
Chapter One excerpt on Powell's / on TIME Magazine's Top 100 Novels of All Time list

More cult-ish goodies: a scene-by-scene guide to Infinite Jest, alphabetic index to Infinite Jest, notes and speculation, The Infinite Jest Challenge.

A set of photos from reading in 2006
On Charlie Rose in 1997

Seriously, a big loss to American literature.


evangeline said...

i know - really sad. i've had infinite jest on my bookshelf for years meaning to get to it. i think now's the time...

Oliver said...

your site is really interesting

Grant Wagner said...

I felt the same way when Douglas Adams died, although that technically was a loss for british lit.

The answer is out there, somewhere between 41 and 43.