Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Trip Report

Here's a condensed summary of the trip:

Portland, OR--4:00am wake up call; 6:30am leaving town (30 min. behind schedule...oh no!!)

bye Portland, nice knowin ya
and thanks for everything

We listened to Adam Carolla for probably the last time.
Also, some mp3s I'd prepared for the trip.
Such as Down on Old Plank Road by The Mammals. (You should really click on that.)

Hood River, OR--1 1/2 hours out
Benadryl (tm) on a bacon egg sandwich for Mia.
Sammy minus the dope for Lazlo.
Similar breakfast +
caffeine! for the rest of the party.

Keith is Pilot. A very serious pilot. Fierce winds threatened to throw him off course and the directions he'd received from The Navigator were nearly 14 miles off in the total distance estimated for the trip. We agreed that a mistake like that could prove disastrous in a true Situation. The accuracy of Google Maps remains uncertain. Just so you know.

Lazlo is co-Pilot.
I am Navigator and in charge of preventing Accidental Dog Discharge (securing all locks, an important job) .
Mia's just Mia. She panted the entire way. Apparently dogs can't hyperventilate.

Central Oregon is remarkably similar to Kansas. See:

Understatement of The Year

Dayton, WA--lunchtime
We kinda accidentally bypassed Walla Walla, which was just as well considering what happened last time we were there, and that put a kink in Keith's Taco Bell lunch plans, so we did what the pioneers did and we
improvised. He ordered a roast beef sandwich from the gas station. I ate a mini cheese pizza that would best be described as being of indeterminate nutritional and gustational value. Seriously, we are just like pioneers.

Rest stop @ the barley field.

Finally, this is what we see. Hwy 12 on the Clearwater River.
Chilly and rainy today, but gorgeous.

We're here.


dvl said...

congrats! :)

evangeline said...

looove the photos! drive safely!!!

Steve & Stepher said...

Gorgeous writing to accompany your gorgeous photos.

I've popped over from Flickr (username: stepher) and had to check out your blog. Now that I have, I'll be back.


PS - Beautiful dogs. We have a house of furry faces as well...