Friday, June 27, 2008

Faking productivity

Not all the different from my last Real Job, actually, as far as faking goes. Looking just busy enough not to get fired.

weeping willow-- after
(compare to before)

The arborist finished trimming the trees yesterday and so while Keith re-stacked the firewood pile he left me the Mule to drive around to pick up the new wood.

Of course anytime anyone gets in the Mule (or reel lawnmower), Lazlo comes running to bite the tires.

Yesterday we went to the big city of Kooskia to a) price dog food and b) check out their People's Market. Epic fail on both counts.

The feed store's always fun to visit (they had chicks and rabbits), but weighing out cost and quality, we ultimately decided to start buying dog food at Costco in Clarkston. We were early to the market, it looked like people were still setting up, but all we saw was a couple of tables of yard sale junk. Nothing worth looking at. If it's not going to be worth my time to set up a booth at the markets I will see if I can sell my cards to places around town, places that tourists might go, or even the local Hallmark store. If all that fails, there's always etsy.

This afternoon/evening/once the sun goes down over in that part of the yard we're going to build the compost bin. It's going where the burn pile used to be. Hopefully all of the worms that headed down deep to get away from the fire will return once they see the goodness we're going to be pouring on out there. If not it won't take long for them to return, I think.

Keith's on his way to the hardware store to get hinges for the compost bin and then we have a nap scheduled. I don't know why I didn't think of this semi-retirement business sooner.

~~Another installment of Overheard on the Front Porch~~
K: We need to get out in the garden tomorrow morning and pull weeds.
A: ...Is it Friday?
K: [long pause, checks newspaper] Yep.
A: I don' t keep track.

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