Sunday, June 15, 2008

Every day is Sunday

Today Keith told me, "This is like winning the lottery." He said this while he was cleaning the potting area and trying not to bang his head on the low overhang. His happiness threshold is pretty low--which is good!

We planted 11 buskets today with the herbs and lettuce; heirloom tomatoes and peppers will have to wait until we get a couple larger containers. Did you know mint is invasive? And the seeds are TINY! We ran a cord to run the radio/CD player and Warren Zevon covers helped motivate us to get it all finished before lunch. With plenty of breaks.

mint seeds in the palm of my hand

I planted basil in this old enamel pot
that belonged to my grandpa.

There's a ton of chemicals around here--kinda what we're trying to get away from. When my parents first bought this place it was all organic and even had a composter. But that wasn't their lifestyle, so they understandably started doing things their own way. Keith and I are hoping we can encourage them to get back to a more organic way of doing things. The water table is very low here and I can just picture Roundup collecting in every living thing here, not to mention seeping into the drinking water. Since we got the garden in and watering set up now we need to build compost bins. We might not get much out of it this year but it's worth starting. That way we'll be old pros by next year.

Of course the dogs are still living the high life. That goes without saying.


Steve & Stepher said...

I can't recall my parents ever gardening w/o Roundup or any of the other cupboard of chemicals they routinely poured on the yard.

I did not know mint is invasive.

The dogs -- sooooooooo adorable.

You certainly accomplished more than I did today!


dvl said...

you guys are my heroes... srsly.

stephen said...

I'm so happy for KBAB! You guys are awesome! It's great to see you following your dreams! Mia and Lazlo are SOOOOO lucky, what a life they have!

I love mint but won't plant it anywhere but in a large takes over! I've got a bunch of mint varieties if you want some cuttings.