Monday, June 30, 2008

Lazlo's peeps

Today as we were headed home from the library we happened to see the people who sold Lazlo to us. They're a family that lives somewhere that's "snowed in 7 months of the year" and they come to town for supplies and whatnot in their remodeled school bus. So we hurried home, threw Lazlo in the car, and headed back to town to show them the dog they last saw when he was 5 1/2 weeks old.

the first day we had him

Lazlo's dad was in the bus with some of the kids (um, probably 7 or 8 of them and the mom was pregnant--all of them red-headed) and Lazlo was barking at the two kids who came out of the bus, which was out of character for him. He must have seen/smelled that dog on the boys.

loving the snow in Missoula

We waited for the parents to come out of the store and then introduced them to Lazlo. The guy stuck his head in the car and Lazlo, panting from the heat, licked his face. We told them he was the Best Dog Ever and how we always get compliments on his beautiful coloring. They said they were glad he turned out to be such a good dog.

He'll be 4 this year. We are really lucky to have this goofy thing that pretends to be a pit bull.


Recess said...

Cutest dog int he world

Amanda said...

Oh how much I love Lazlo....though he doesn't pretend to be a pitbull very well. He definitley wouldn't be getting any doggy Oscar. Give him some Aunt Amanda love for me. :)