Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Stretching my craft muscles

Okay, feeling pretty productive today. My level of productivity has a direct correlation to my mental health, I'm learning. Captain Obvious, here. And, I've been told, playing Scramble on Facebook doesn't count as being productive. Today I knew I had the chance to actually get some work done because Keith had to work this morning (part time helping a guy with yard work/misc. work on his property up Ft. Misery Road) so I had to get up early. Usually he lets me sleep in because he's a nice guy.

The dogs were relaxing under the birch tree this morning.

I took a wire brush to the free toolshed my dad's friend Dave gave to us. It was getting ridiculous walking back and forth from the garden to the tool shed for every hoe, rake, or shovel, so this should be helpful. But the paint on the thing was peeling. New paint will happen later this week. Maybe tomorrow. Too hot to work outside anymore today.

My dad decided he needed to wash his Ferrari (kit car) [475 hp!], so he pulled it up on the lawn and I volunteered to wash it for him. He rinsed.

Then I got out my haul from the thrift store yesterday. I went in looking for craft supplies and walked out with $25 of goodies. Fabric scraps, 2 books, ribbon, string, old timey clothespins, patterns, batting, and a dress for 10¢!! Needless to say I have quite a bit of work to do to get ready for the market. I guess first I have to make one (or some) and see if they are worth selling. But the patterns inspired me, especially this one I got that has: a zebra, a hippo, a lion, a crocodile, a giraffe, and an elephant! The finished size should be about 4" each?

And nowI'm going to go finish my library book (about a family that purposefully makes their children sideshow freaks for their traveling show--fiction!) so I am ready when they call me and tell me the next one's in and ready to pick up. The electronic request system here is better than I anticipated--I've only found 2 books so far that they didn't have and they were offbeat titles anyway. Next in my library queue is The Eden Express and What Is the What.

I was thinking of making a Fourth of July muxtape, but I just have a few songs so far. I may do that tomorrow morning when Keith goes back to work.

Also, we're selling Keith's knives (Berghoff, 12-piece) on ebay---if you or someone you know needs a good set of knives, check it out!

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