Sunday, July 13, 2008

One month in

We've survived one month working The New Plan. Some bumps, mostly mental. But we're surviving. And we're not in it full-bore. I mean, I'm sitting inside using my parents' internet connection--it's not like we're running totally off the grid. Yet.

This weekend we assembled the greenhouse. And no fights!!

First we had to sweep out the garage---my dad didn't get to use it that much this winter due to health problems, so it was a little messy. I tried to take a panorama, but the far side was cut off (user error).

cloning like Iranian missiles in the lower left

Keith made me work almost the whole time so I didn't get to document much but the start and the finish. I know, right?! Actually I had fun putting it together with him. It was definitely a 2-person project. Mom and Dad came out at first to "see"but they figured out we work better without an audience.

starting with the frame
everything we needed came in 2 flat packages

Giant Keith finishing the door

vented window passing Mom Inspection

We're building a base for it out of pressure-treated 2"x10"s turned on their sides and we can secure it to the ground with rebar and plumber's tape. And that will also to raise it up since once we put wood chips in the bottom it will be even shorter... And tonight I was wielding power tools, helping to construct shelves for it. I'll try to get pictures of that tomorrow (hi, Shawn!). Dangerous! I am learning a lot. But I get bored whenKeith starts telling me how he figures to the math to make sure the shelves are spaced evenly...blah blah blah. Practice for tiny house building, Keith says. I say Yeah yeah whatever give me the drill!

Of course we had a couple of good shop dogs to oversee the whole project.

In Also Accomplished News: I made magnets to sell with my cards (whenever I get them printed...) at the Saturday Market. The rocks are a little iridescent for my liking. I'll be switching to a different kind for the next round. Anyway, they're low overhead and low profit but they're something cheap people can buy---a way to lure them to my table. And they're fun to make.

$.75/each, $5.25/set

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