Saturday, July 12, 2008

And the universe answered...

Maybe yesterday's freakout was premature. Or maybe it prompted me to seek practical answers...either way at least one of my more urgent dilemmas is resolved.

Who's the proud owner of a new (very used) car manufactured in the year of her birth?


Check out my new wheels, yo.

A 1979 Toyota Corolla.

You're jealous, I know. Just wait until you hear how much I paid for it (my parents paid actually, since I am technically still unemployed):

Neighbor Frank sold it to us. He actually offered to give it to us, but my parents thought they should pay him something. It has 4 snow tires that come with it, too. He said it's a really good, dependable little car and he'd drive it to Lewiston today with no problems. Should work for getting back and forth to work. Frank's granddaughter calls it The Little Brown Turd. I'm going to have to come up with a more palatable nickname than that. It kinda reminds me of Ace Ventura's car, aesthetically. I haven't tried to recreate the "I love what you do for me" jump yet, but I will.

We staked out a spot for the greenhouse yesterday. Assembly starts today. Keith has predicted we will not have one fight trying to put it together. I am skeptical of that, however. The instructions look way way complicated. Especially for my brain. I don't operate on the 2D-->3D level very well.

We planted more crops yesterday. Sugar snap peas, chives, beans (the kind you can dry--for soups, etc.), and sunflowers.

And the dogs are still enjoying themselves. Although Lazlo's been acting up---pretending he can't hear us when we tell him what to do. He loves freedom a little too much. We may have to put him in Doggy Guantanamo (the pen).


shawn said...

Glad you aren't freaking out any more.

stephen said...

Nice! My old friend Jack had a old white "turd", I mean a white corolla, just like that. It ran great - all around solid car.
I walked past Veganopolis (opted for a bacon maple bar at Voodoo instead) the other day and thought about you guys.

If you need some help building your house, let me know, I'll pack my tent, tool belt and head to Idaho for a mini-vacation. DIY stuff is actually kinda relaxing for me... probably explains why I buy nothing buy old houses.

April said...

oooo veganopolis and voodoo!!! you're killing me! you're more than welcome to head over this way for a--let's call it an "internship!" haha
speaking of DIY---how's your place? your blog isn't updated...hint hint.

Arika said...

Nice wheels!